Update 15.10.2018
Posted on October 15, 2018 | 09:25

» Other Drops
      Warrior Ring 40lvl: drops Heart of Love items
      Warrior Ring 80lvl: drops all class Small Wings / Cape / Cloak
» Golden Random Spawn
      Golden Rabbit x1 Location: Elbeland Box of Kundun+1
      Golden Budge Dragon x1 Location: Lorencia Box of Kundun+1
      Golden Goblin x1 Location: Noria Box of Kundun+1 
      Golden Titan x2 Location: Devias Box of Kundun +2
      Golden Lizard King x2 Location: Atlans Box of Kundun +2
      Golden Tantalos x1 Location: Tarkan Box of Kundun +3
      Golden Satyros x1 Location: Kanturu Box of Kundun +4
      Golden Twin Tail x1 Kanturu Relics Box of Kundun +4
      Golden Iron Knight x1 Location: Raklion Box of Kundun +5
      Great Golden Dragon x1 Location: Raklion drop 5 items Box of Kundun +3,+4,+5
      Each Golden has his own Spawn Time!
      Golden Soldier, Golden Veper, Golden Iron Wheel: drop Blue Ribbon Box
      Blue Ribbon Box: Imp, Angel, Uniria, Rudolf
» Party EXP System
      3, 4, 5 Same Class Party 100%
      3 Different Class Party 105%
      4 Different Class Party 110%
      5 Different Class Party 115%

Public Access to EUPHONY Monster Stats [More Information]




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Update 14.10.2018
Posted on October 14, 2018 | 06:34
» Item Drop
      Feather & Crest : Very Low, Drops only in Icarus
      Sphere Level 4 : Low, Drops only in Vulcanus
      Sphere Level 5 : Lowest, Drops only in Vulcanus and DS7
      Gemstone : Low, Drops only in Kanturu Relics
      Jewel of Life : Low, Drop starts from Tarkan to all higher maps
      Flame of Condor : Lowest, Drops only in Swamp
      AA Weapons: BC+5 through to BC+8 from Mobs
» Heart/Silver/Gold:
      Heart of Love can be farmed in maps from Devias until LostTower3.
      Silver Medal can be farmed in maps from LostTower3 until Tarkan.
      Gold Medal can be farmed in maps from Tarkan2 until higher maps.
      Heart of Love : Items like Silk, Bronze, Bone, etc. +7 through to +11.
      Silver Medal : Items like Wind, Sphinx, Plate, etc. +8 through to +11.
      Gold Medal : Items like Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Ashcrow, etc. +6 through to +12 


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Posted on October 12, 2018 | 10:06
Hello, Elysium! Salutations and Greetings!


Coming soon,

 New Client will be released soon, meanwhile Server is Online

- One PC max allow One Connection (new)
- Reconnect System (new)
- New Anti Hack (additional)
- Monster HP bar (costume)
- Auto Party "/re auto"
- Offstore System "/offtrade", WCoin, GoblinPoints, Bless, Soul, Life as well for Items

Yet to be fixed: we will reconfigure all drops from Bosses, Events, will change Boxes that drop in game, to better suit game play! Be patient and let the Admin Team work! We are working to bring you the old MU experience, but an enhanced version, enjoy!

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EUPHONY Server Information
Posted on November 8, 2011 | 10:31


» Exp: x1000
» Drop: 100%
» Elf NPC Buff till 250 level
» Required level for class: SUM 200 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 350 lvl
» Official MU Helper:  Dynamic
» Points Per Level: 5/6/7
» Master Skill Tree: Max 200 level
» Guild Create Level: 300
» Events EXP: 
      - Bonus EXP
» Monster Spots type: 
      - Low Range (low range)
      - Mid Range (one line damage dealer)
      - Multi Spawn (high range)
      - Double (mix type)
» Minimap TAB spots (not in Arena/Vulcanus/Dungeon)
» Reset System:
      - Reset: 400 Level
      - Reset Limit: 100 Reset
      - Clear Stats after Reset
      - Points per Reset: 800points
» GR From: 100 Reset, 400 Level
      - GR price: 400'000'000 (each GR)
      - Reward: 2 000 WCoin for X Shop
      - Max GR: 3
      - Clear Stats after GR
      - Points per GR: 10 000 points * GR



 » Siege Warfare period every week on Sunday 17:00 server time
» Land of Trial Bonus EXP
» Adjusted Bonus Spots
» Increased Ancient Item Drop Rate
» Guild Create Level: 300


» Each Kalima 4 - 5 Spots, with different type
» Kalima Bonus EXP, additional Zen Drop
» Kalima +6, +7 Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient or Excellent

» Death Beam Knight: Tarkan, respawn 15 minutes (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party)
» Dark Phoenix: Icarus , respawn 15 minutes (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party)
» Hell Maine: Aida, respawn 15 minutes, total in Aida have 3 Hell Maine (Drop 3rd quest items only when 3rd quest is active and character is not in party)
» Dark Elf: Refuge, respawn 1 hour (Monster to complete 3rd quest)
» Selupan: LaCleon, respawn 12hours, drop Socket Items and 380 Excellent Items
» Medusa: Swamp, respawn 24hours, drop Socket Items and 380 Excellent Items
» Erohim: Deep Event, Land Of Trial, respawn 6hours, drop Excellent Items
» Imperial Guardian Bosses:
      -  Monday ~ Saturday, drop Excellent, Jewel
      -  Sunday, drop Ancient, Excellent, Jewel

» In-game Commands:
      - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
      - /post: global chat, requirement level: 100 (100'000 zen)

By Administrador (Administrator)
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